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A Kerry field makes headlines again

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So what would the late John B. Keane make of this particular field?

For sure, the author of “The Field,” would be familiar with it because it once made his native county the center of the communications world.

“The Telegraph Field,” from which the first successful transatlantic cable was laid in 1866, is up for sale at a guide price of €160,000.

The 1.01 acre (0.41 hectare) site is located on Valentia Island with views of Foilhommerum Bay and the Skellig rocks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

According to the sales pitch, it includes the ruin of the 150-year-old Cable House “making it an ideal site for a cultural center with global significance.”

The property is being sold by international real estate advisor Savills, on behalf of a private Irish investor.

Peter O’Meara, investment director of Savills Ireland, said: “The Telegraph Field is the birthplace of global communications, one of history’s game-changing moments equivalent to the invention of the internet.

“The site would be ideal as a tourist destination and the island is a one-hour drive from Kerry Airport, linked to the mainland by both bridge and ferry.”

Junior Browne, who owns the property and researched the site’s history with his son over the last ten years, said: “We bought the site intending to build a holiday home in a stunning setting but as we uncovered the historic significance of the site we abandoned these plans.

“We have since funded a documentary and progressed plans for a visitor’s center, a museum and a global IT learning center. We have had support from the national tourist agency, global corporations like Morgan Stanley, and even the Smithsonian Museum, which has long recognized the importance of the transatlantic cable, but we have taken the project as far as we can.”

By Irish Echo Staff

Pete King confirms White House interest

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Peter King Official

  President King?





It might sound like a political oxymoron but Congressman Peter King laughed at that definition Thursday before telling the Irish Echo that he was “looking at it,” – it being a White House run in 2016.

King was reacting to an online report in the magazine Newsmax in which named and unnamed conservative and Republican Party members and supporters pointed to King as a potential Republican presidential candidate three years from now.

Such is the state of flux in the Republican Party at this juncture that a 2016 presidential bid by New York Congressman King would be anything but an unthinkable development.

And King himself was embracing the Newsmax report saying that he had been contacted a couple of weeks ago by the publication, was flattered by its running the story, and was especially flattered by the endorsement in it of his possible candidacy by Michael Mukasey, former federal judge and U.S. attorney general under President George W. Bush.

“I think it would be a great thing if Peter King ran for president,” Mukasey told Newsmax.

“When you get a compliment like that from the likes of Michael Mukasey, you have to listen,” King said.

“It’s a great honor. I’m looking at it. I’m not ruling it out,” he said of a White House bid.

“I will be listening to people and it’s certainly an opportunity to speak out on different things,” he added.

A King GOP nomination bid would be boosted by his solid conservative credentials on a range of issues and his high national profile on national security which in part stems from King’s time as chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

King is an 11-term member of the House of Representatives who draws considerable support from registered Democrats and independent voters in his Long Island district.

A Catholic, King is a graduate of Notre Dame University and turned 69 in April. This would put him at the higher end of the political age spectrum but he looks younger than his age and presents a robust image when in front of a camera or microphone.

He is long familiar in Ireland for his track record as a supporter of Sinn Féin going back to the 1980s.

When still a locally elected official for Long Island’s Nassau County, King was a frequent visitor to Belfast, at one pointing bringing with him a sitting U.S. Senator, Alfonse D’Amato.

And while his connections to Sinn Féin have long been a prominent part of King’s Irish resumé, he was also one of the first Irish American politicians to meet with loyalist leaders in the early 1980s.

In the Newsmax report, Mark Kennedy, director of the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, and himself a former Republican U.S. Congressman from Minnesota, said of a King presidential bid: “Any House member attempting a presidential run faces several obstacles: low name ID nationwide, a large database of recorded votes from which opponents can cherry-pick for negative advertising, and the overall unpopularity of the current Congress.”

However Kennedy added: “But Congressman Peter King does have several assets that could help him in a possible run: impeccable cultural conservative credentials, expert knowledge of terrorism and homeland security, and an independent streak that could appeal to general election voters.

King enjoys a relatively high media profile for an occupant of the 435-member house, this in large part because of his prominence on national security matters.

He is also a Republican in a Democratic-dominated state based just outside New York City. As such, he enjoys the advantage of being the closest and highest ranking Republican when the press in America’s media capital needs to talk to a member of that party.

Though 2016 seems like a long time away, it is not a long stretch in political terms.

If King takes the idea of his candidacy to its logical next step he will very soon have to start putting a national organization in place. That he is already in election mode anyway is a given. House members face the voters every two years, and King must do so again in November, 2014.

Being mentioned in terms of the presidency will spur King’s House re-election bid, and his campaign for a 12th congressional term will, in turn, add energy to any presidential bid.

King was linked in recent years to a possible Senate run in New York. In key respects, a presidential candidacy might be a better option not least because it would allow King to break out of the political corral surrounding what is a solidly blue state and appeal to Republican voters throughout the country.

By Ray O’Hanlon


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Eileen & Pat Glover, Lucan (540x720)Eileen and Pat Glover would have been glancing skyward at the azure sky but the Leinster Hurling  Cup was even brighter. The avid Dub fans had a close look at the cup outside their West Dublin home.


Pigs aren’t quite flying yet but temperatures in Ireland these past few days are sky high and climbing higher with the possibility of hitting 90 degrees.

And as if times weren’t strange enough, Dublin hurlers won the Leinster championship to match the county’s footballers.      The teams, famous for their sky blue uniforms, last accomplished this double in 1942. And it was not just hurlers and the weather that were making big headlines these past few days. Irish sports stars were turning up the heat on their rivals, most notably in France where golfer Graeme McDowell won the French open in Paris, his third title of the season. Down south in the Pyrenees, meanwhile, cyclist Dan Martin captured Sunday’s stage in the Tour de France for the U.S. Garmin-Sharp team.      As for the weather, the sunshine looks set to continue for a few days yet. Monday was the hottest day in Ireland since 2006 and even higher temperatures are expected by week’s end.

Met Éireann confirmed a temperature of 28.7 degrees at Oakpark, County Carlow on Monday. That’s 83.6 Fahrenheit.  The weather has been good news for farmers, as well as those who simply want to soak up the sun and pretend for a few days that Ireland is Spain, or some other Mediterranean hotspot.

Irish entrepreneurs relish U.S. retreat.

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Competitive Edge By Maura Kelly

     It has been called “the ultimate mind meld for business leaders” by those involved.

     For seven days in June, 110 Irish entrepreneurs had the opportunity to engage with top U.S. CEOs, economists, political advisors and change agents in Chicago, the University of Notre Dame, and New York, this while attending the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year CEO Retreat.

     All of the participants embarked on the supercharger retreat with one goal in mind – to return to Ireland reinvigorated and expand their businesses on a domestic and international level.

     The journey for twenty-four of the CEOs started when their companies were short-listed for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) 2014 Award.

     EOY is a global recognition program for entrepreneurs run in 140 cities in over 50 countries.

     The Irish EOY program, now in its sixteenth year, was created to recognize talent and innovation across the island of Ireland and it includes finance, technology, agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

     All of the finalists and seasoned entrepreneurs on the retreat have created new jobs and opportunities, both in Ireland’s tough economy and abroad.

     I had a chance to meet and talk with several CEOs at the residence of Consul General Noel Kilkenny during the New York leg of the trip.

     Fresh off the plane from South Bend, Indiana, the group was truly energized by the panoramic views of Manhattan and the Empire State Building from the Consul General’s 52nd floor residence.

     “”The aim of this year’s CEO Retreat is to challenge and inspire Ireland’s entrepreneurs to think in new ways and unlock their success and strategy on a global level” explained Frank O’Keeffe, Partner-in-Charge of the EOY program.

     “We want Ireland, north and south, to become one of the best places in the world to do business. We’ve just arrived from Notre Dame and we have a strong connection there. They are known as the fighting Irish in sports and the individuals here have a fighting Irish spirit and it’s played out in business.”

     Several of the group commented on the inspirational talk football coach Lou Holtz gave the previous night about living life to the best of one’s ability. They expressed deep admiration for the football legend and said it was a highlight of the trip.

     Some of the companies vying for the EOY 2014 grand prize in the emerging category include Sugru, whose tag line states, “The future needs fixing.” This innovative self-setting rubber is used for fixing, modifying and improving things and sells in 138 countries.

     On the entertainment front, Belfast based Sixteen South (Sesame Street Northern Ireland and Jim Henson’s Pajanimals) were in the running for two Daytime Emmy’s that same week. Datahug creates online collaboration tools and I happened to catch their pitch at a recent New York Digital Irish event.

     The applications enhance lead generation and uncover relationships and connections within a company’s network of contacts. John Rice, CEO of Jam Media, recalled his early years in New York with MTV and talked about how his U.S. experience planted the seeds for opening his own animation company in Dublin, then Belfast, and now Canada in the near future.

     The next day, World EOY 2013 winner, Hamdi Ulukaya, wowed the group when he shared how he started Chobani Greek Yogurt with nothing but a subway coupon and 25 cents in his pocket. Within five years he grew his company to $1 billion in sales and now employs over 3000 staff. Later that day, Jim McCann of 1-800-Flowers recounted his unique journey from start up to leader in the floral trade.

     The EOY CEO Retreat doesn’t limit itself to seeking excellent in all things business, it also promotes giving back.

     Michael Carey, chairman of Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, explained the genesis of “Soul of Haiti” to me.

     “Soul of Haiti is a charity that started in 2007 after the EOY CEO Retreat visited Haiti. We were so moved by what we saw, we decided to set up the charity on our return to Ireland.”

     Carey added: “We utilize the philosophy of social entrepreneurship and rather than focus just on relief work, we help stimulate business and employment in Haiti so that the people can start providing for themselves and build their own future.

     I think the EOY Twitter feed sums up the week nicely: @EOYIreland  “What a trip, we’re now bringing our 110 Irish entrepreneurs back home re-invigorated and ready to get back to business with a bang! @bubblebumukltd tweets – “An incredible fanfreakingbubbletastic week with @EOYIreland in Notre Dame and NYC. Thank you.”

     Ireland’s 24 finalists will face off against each other for the grand prize at the EOY Gala Night in Dublin on October 24th. The overall winner will then go on to participate in the World Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in Monte Carlo in June 2014. Good luck to all.

     You can follow Maura Kelly on Twitter @MauraKellyMedia

Senate passes immigration reform bill

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By Ray O’Hanlon


Reform backers fell two votes short of the “Magnificent 70,” but the margin of victory was nevertheless impressive.

The United States Senate voted 68-32 Thursday for S.744, The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.

The bill includes a provision that would allow 10,500 renewable E-3 visas for the Irish with no sunset.

Passage of the bill represented a big win for the bipartisan “Gang of Eight,” the members of which crafted the measure, and a particular triumph for the bill’s lead Democratic sponsor, Senator Charles Schumer who penned the Irish E-3 provision.

The reform debate now shifts to the far more uncertain ground that is the U.S. House of Representatives.

Mayoral chain caught the president’s eye

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President Obama and Belfast Lord Mayor Máirtin Ó Muilleoir chatted for several minutes Monday when they met in Belfast.

The mayoral chain had caught the president’s eye and he joked about how he might get his hands on a similar symbol of high office. 

Maureen O’Hara takes a final public bow

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By Ray O’Hanlon


Maureen O’Hara surrounded by family and friends including (l-r – back row): John Nicoletti, (her biographer), Charles FitzSimons, her nephew, Conor FitzSimons, Maureen’s grandson. Front row has great grandchildren, Everest and Baylee, and Conor’s wife, Elga FitzSimons Photo by Barton B. MacLeod.


She kept her promise.

Screen star Maureen O’Hara traveled from Boise, Idaho, to Winterset, Iowa last weekend to honor fellow Hollywood legend John Wayne in his birthplace.

A John Wayne museum and learning center and museum is planned for the Iowa town, and the project now has the best possible blessing from O’Hara, who made five movies with the late actor, including the iconic “The Quiet Man.”

Wayne was born in Winterset on May 26, 1907.

It was O’Hara’s first ever visit to Winterset, and it was also billed as her last large scale public appearance.

O’Hara was greeted by fans during the weekend as the town featured O’Hara and Wayne films in its movie theater.

“I hope they don’t forget,” O’Hara said of the well wishers.

“If they forget me, I might get mad at them, because I am still here,” the 92-year-old actress said.

O’Hara lived in West Cork for a number of years, but is now settled in Idaho close to family members.

Fans the world over have been campaigning to have Hollywood award her a lifetime achievement Oscar at next year’s Academy Awards.


Judiciary Committee passes reform bill

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Judiciary Committee passes reform bill

The Senate immigration reform bill, S.744 or the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act to give it it’s full title, was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday by a vote of 13 to 5.

The bill, which contained a provision that would offer 10,500 annual “Schumer” visas to the Irish, now goes to the Senate floor and backers are hopeful that the full Senate will take it up after the Memorial Day congressional break, that being the first week in June.



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Irish “Day of Action”

to help the residents of Rockaway who have been shattered by Hurricane Sandy, it will take place on November 24th the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Designated work areas will be arranged in Rockaway.

The day is being coordinated by the Irish Consulate in New York  


Buses leave promptly at 7AM. Assembly at these locations:

Aisling Irish Center, 990 McLean Avenue, Yonkers;

Emerald Isle Immigration Center, 5926 Woodside Avenue, Woodside

EIIC, 4275 Katonah Avenue Bronx;

New York Irish Center, 1040 Jackson Avenue, Queens;

Grand Central Airport Bus Location, Park Avenue, (between 41st and 42nd Street.

Buses return from The Rockaways at 3PM.


***Volunteer Registration Open***

Please consider volunteering on November 24, 2012 for a day of Action to those still in need of help after Hurricane Sandy, organized in conjunction with coordination and assistance with community organizations and staff from the New York Irish consulate.

All are welcome to join our mobilization in the community to help. Also PLEASE pass the information along (post on Facebook, Twitter etc.) to anyone you think would be interested in helping, as there are many in our community still in great need of assistance.

Buses will leave designated locations at 7am and are expected to return @ 2:30 pm.


2013 plate will be parked

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Clearly the luck of the Irish isn’t up to the year that’s soon to be in it.

The Irish government is reportedly set to introduce a new license-plate system next year amid fears that a “13” registration number will diminish new car sales.

Irish license plates show the car’s year as well as its home county.

Cars registered between January and the end of June will have a “131” notation on the plate. Those from July 1 to the end of the year will have “132” on the plate.

The decision, according to an Irish Times report, is based partly on fears that superstition over a “13” plate would affect sales and partly in response to the motor industry’s plea to spread sales more evenly across the year.

Up to now, there has been a glut of sales every January to March/April and then a virtual trickle of purchases for the rest of the year. This puts huge financial pressure on dealerships as cash flow dries up, the report stated.

By having a July registration, it is hoped that the sales bulge will be spread out over the year and possibly give a mid-summer lift to buying.

A bi-annual system is used in Britain, the report noted.

A government spokesman confirmed that the Department of Finance was actively considering the proposed change as part of a consultation process with the motor industry.

But the spokesman declined to comment because this is an issue that may arise in December’s Budget. The Revenue Commissioners also declined to comment, the report concluded.


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