• Now you see them (votes) now you don’t

    Enda Kenny   By Ray O’Hanlon rohanlon@irishecho.com     Americans citizens living in Ireland can vote in U.S. elections. Irish citizens living in the United States are barred from voting in Irish elections. The two counties are both democracies and, fair to say, bask in strong mutual admiration. So why the extreme dichotomy when it […]

  • Tom Moran’s new Belfast post

    Tom Moran By Ray O’Hanlon rohanlon@irishecho.com Tom Moran, one of Irish America’s most familiar, busiest, and respected business and philanthropic figures, is about to wear yet another new hat. Not to mention an academic gown. Moran, President and Chief Executive Officer of the New York-based Mutual of America Life Insurance Company, has been appointed Chancellor […]

  • Kirwan & Turner ride again

    Larry Kirwan. STACEY MCCARTHY PHOTOGRAPHY By Peter McDermott Pierce Turner will be joined by his former singing partner Larry Kirwan for one special number tomorrow night (Friday, April 17) at the Donaghy Theatre, Irish Arts Center in Manhattan. Turner will also be on stage at the venue on Saturday night for a show he calls […]

  • O’Brien funds Boston College fellowship

    Denis O’Brien. By Ray O’Hanlon rohanlon@irishecho.com Irish businessman Denis O’Brien has established a fellowship at Boston College that will provide two Irish students annually with a fully-funded master’s degree in business administration at the college’s Carroll School of Management in Chestnut Hill. O’Brien, chairman and principal shareholder of Digicel Group, one of the world’s leading […]

  • Lee, a man for all people

      Beck Lee, right, with Brendan Coyle, star of “Downton Abbey.” [Click on image for a larger picture.] By Orla O’Sullivan Who knows, Beck Lee may someday add Cork’s Everyman theatre to the list of those he represents. He’s certainly an advocate for all. Lee is the publicist for the annual Irish theatre festival, Origin’s […]

  • Irish American Democrats back Hillary

    By Ray O’Hanlon rohanlon@irishecho.com Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t Irish American per se, but that matters for naught as far as the lobby group Irish American Democrats is concerned. IAD said in a statement that Sunday’s announcement by Hillary Clinton that she is running for president was “exciting news for all Americans and for Ireland and […]

  • A new Irish comity for Capitol Hill

    By Ray O’Hanlon rohanlon@irishecho. With a nod to a former time when political rivals Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill could debate, argue, shoot the breeze and conduct the nation’s business, a group of Washington, D.C. staffers have formed a new group that speaks of their lineage – even as they hope it will encourage civil […]

  • Sixties as seen from Madison Avenue

    Roger Sterling (played by John Slattery), left, and Dan Draper (Jon Hamm) in a scene from “Mad Men,” which enters its last phase on Sunday night with the first of seven concluding episodes. FRANK OCKENFELS/AMC Between the Lines / By Peter McDermott Elaborate ad campaigns these days are short on inspiration. At least that seems […]

  • New life for ‘darkly comic masterpiece’

    Page Turner / Edited by Peter McDermott When asked by the Echo what his latest book, “The Dirty Dust,” is about, Alan Titley said: “It’s about 320 pages long.” But then he helpfully elaborated: “It is a novel about the wonderful bitchiness and savage petty hatreds of rural Ireland. All the characters are dead, but […]

  • Ireland: it’s all about the light

    Page Turner / Edited by Peter McDermott Another book of photographs of Ireland? Leslie Conron Carola’s short answer might be “Why not?” But her latest collaboration with leading Irish art historian and archeologist Peter Harbison focuses on a dimension that hasn’t perhaps gotten as much as attention as it deserves. “Ireland: A Luminous Beauty,” said […]

  • It’s a long long way from Clare to here…..

            by Áine Ní Shionnaigh Lyrics that perhaps pass through Lorcan Shannon’s mind as he zigzags his way out of the morning madness of Grand Central and traverses a bustling Byrant Park to his new office ‘The Law Offices of Lorcan Shannon’ high up on the 39th floor of a midtown skyscraper that accommodates […]

  • The long and winding avenue

    The New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been making headlines since its birth 254 years ago. But the last twenty-five parades, while in the news for numerous reasons, have generated a consistent story associated with the argument over whether or not to include a gay and lesbian group with an identifying banner in the […]

  • Cardinal Edward Egan dead at 82

    Cardinal Edward Egan, former spiritual leader of over two million Catholics in the Archdiocese of New York, died Thursday at the age of 82. The cardinal was pronounced dead at NYU Langone Medical Center. The cause of death was cardiac arrest. Cardinal Egan was born on April 2, 1932, in Oak Park, Illinois. He was […]

  • Castlerea Calling ………

    by Áine Ní Shionnaigh There’s just something about Castlerea, a town where I spent most weekends as a child that continually draws me back in. An authentic Irish town, located in the West of Co. Roscommon, it has remained untouched by both the rise and fall of the Celtic Tiger. Economically, this is challenging, but […]

  • Language and Resistance – Dr. Feargal MacIonnrachtaigh

              by Áine Ní Shionnaigh The Barra Ó Donnabháin lecture is an annual lecture established by Glucksman Ireland House NYU in 2006. It commemorates Barra Ó Donnabháin, a beloved and influential teacher and advocate of the Irish language. Ó Donnabháin, from Leap, Co. Cork, took a degree in Irish and Latin at University […]

  • In Dublin’s Fair City ………

    Feb 11th page 8 The largest small town in the world by Áine Ní Shionnaigh Last week, I wrote about the magical transformation of the Dublin docklands into the most highly regarded global business and technology hub in Europe. However, the real magic of Dublin is that it’s not only a tech hub but has always been a […]

  • The rise of Dublin as a global tech hub.

    Feb 4 2015 page 6 by Áine Ní Shionnaigh Ireland is finally being officially recognized worldwide for what it is i.e. a great place to live and work. Recent accolades, to name a few, include: Forbes – Ireland is the best place in the world for ease of doing business, Citibank – Of the most competitive cities in […]

  • Paddywhacked by a New York Times ‘paddy wagon’

    By James Mulvaney The New York Times crossword puzzle is usually a breeze on Monday. On January 26 it stopped me in my tracks. Clue 27 down was “police van” and the answer was “PADDYWAGON.” I was horrified. The term refers to the historic bigoted presumption that most arrested people were Irish, likely drunk and […]

  • Coghlan record in Millrose crosshairs

    By Ray O’Hanlon rohanlon@irishecho.com No matter how many years have passed, Eamonn Coghlan and the Millrose Games remain synonymous. The Dublin middle distance running legend has been linked with the games for years, not least for his seven Wanamaker Mile wins. This year, Coghlan’s name is in lights because another runner, Bernard Lagat, record eight-time […]

  • ‘Pillow’ examines love, betrayal, trust

    Jacqueline Kealy, John McConnell and Brona Crehan in “Pillow on the Stairs” at the Cell Theatre this month. [Click on image for larger view.] PHOTO: CAROL ROSEGG By Peter McDermott After readings and workshop tryouts in 2014, all of the advice offered to playwright Brona Crehan could be boiled down to: “Do a full staging.” […]

  • Can Hollywood handle the truth?

    Between the Lines / By Peter McDermott Lyndon Johnson with Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders in 1964. [Click on image for larger view.] YOICHI R. OKAMOTO, LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON LIBRARY AND MUSEUM.   A friend emailed from Ireland recently to say: “I was looking forward to seeing Tom Wilkinson’s portrayal of […]

  • An artist in new surroundings

    “Breezy Point” by Lisa O’Donnell, 2014, oil on board, 48 inches x 36 inches [Click on image for larger view.] Clifden, Co. Galway, artist Lisa O’Donnell moved from London to New York in the summer of 2014 to research material for her art practice and to complete a three-month residency at New York Artist and […]

  • New Orleans fundraising for wounded Garda

              By Irish Echo Staff letters@irishecho.com The Irish American community in New Orleans is rallying to the aid of Brian Hanrahan, the Limerick-based Garda who was shot and seriously wounded in a mugging in the city early Tuesday. Garda Hanrahan is recovering from his wounds in hospital and has been visited […]

  • An attack on French democracy

    Between the Lines / By Peter McDermott President de Gaulle on a visit to West Germany in May 1962. [GERMAN FEDERAL ARCHIVES] A lot of newsprint was used to convey analysis in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, but one of the best pieces, for me, didn’t require any, because it was published by […]

  • Trio takes NY to FM

    You can never talk enough about New York or hear enough about it. So, no surprise, there’s a new radio show broadcasting weekly from this week and it’s all about New York. Ah, but through an Irish lens. The new morning show on WBAI, 99.5 FM kicks off Wednesday, January 7 and is entitled “New […]

  • The 50 year lockout

    By Ray O’Hanlon rohanlon@irishercho.com It opened doors but also closed them. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was passed by Congress and signed into law fifty years ago this year. And a consequence, though arguably unintended, was that the story of the Irish coming to America would go into a grinding reverse. Half a […]

  • Aging sees growth, loss: O’Neill

    Dr. Desmond O’Neill, of Trinity College Dublin, was presented with the Joseph T. Freeman Award at the 67th annual scientific meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, held in Washington D.C in November. The presentation was made on behalf of GSA by Dr. Marilyn R. Gugliucci, director for Geriatrics Education and Research at the University […]

  • DiNapoli’s barnstorming Belfast visit

    New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli followed up his triumphant Nov. 4 electoral performance with the most intensive visit yet by a state comptroller to Belfast. In the city, the comptroller met with community leaders from the unionist and nationalist communities and was briefed on the progress of early-stage companies which benefited from his $15 […]

  • Violinist Harrington pulls the heart strings

    (Gregory Harrington photo from Daniel D’Ottavio) By Áine Ní Shionnaigh Despite being tightly huddled inside a grey hoodie, Gregory Harrington still retains an air of elegance on a damp and dreary pre-Thanksgiving morning when we meet for coffee on the Upper West Side. As he displays apprehension about the impending snow, I chastise him for becoming […]

  • To know Liam Ryan, understand his times

    Today we stand together. Family members and close friends, each with deep personal feelings and memories of Liam Ryan, stand alongside others too young to have known him. All of us can feel anger at his murder. Surely, it is murder when the vaunted British crown forces arrange killings by loyalist proxies and paid agents. […]

  • Op Ed: Time to bring families out of the shadows

    By Joe Biden My grandfather Ambrose Finnegan always told me, “Never forget where you came from, Joey.” He wasn’t merely reminding me that I’m from Scranton, Pennsylvania. He was telling me not to forget the journey of my family, and the dreams that inspired them to take on the perilous voyage from Ireland to these […]

  • Distracted in Peekskill

    This column was published in the Oct. 22, 2014, issue of the Irish Echo. By Maura Mulligan Recently I was invited to read at the Hudson Valley Irish Fest in Peekskill.  One of two guest authors, I was honored to be in the line-up with Ray O’ Hanlon author of The South Lawn Plot and […]

  • A Spooktacular Holloween/Samhain Evening

    This column was published in the Oct. 29, 2014 issue of the Irish Echo.   By Maura Mulligan The moment I sat at the table my chair shattered. All four legs and the stretchers connecting them flew in different directions. A little spooked, but unhurt, I took a friend’s hand, lifted myself off the floor […]

  • Remembering Cork’s Rebel general

    Page Turner / Edited by Peter McDermott Damian Shiels, the keynote speaker at the 2014 Tennessee Civil War Sesquicentennial Event, will present “Patrick Cleburne at the Battle of Franklin” at the Factory in Franklin, on Friday, Nov. 14 at 10:45 a.m. Robert E. Lee described him as “A meteor shining from a clouded sky” and […]

  • Ray O’Hanlon, recipient of the 2014 William Butler Yeats Award

    By Áine Ní Shionnaigh Driving across the iconic George Washington Bridge on Saturday evening last, leaving the twinkling lights of Manhattan behind, the panoramic Palisades peer back at me through the darkness, and hesitatingly welcoming me to North Jersey. My usual vision of the broad expanse of the historic Hudson River is limited somewhat by driving […]

  • TV’s where it’s at: Connelly

    Michael Connelly’s novels have sold 59 million copies worldwide.  “The Burning Room” is the 17th Harry Bosch book, the latest in the “finest crime series written by an American,” according to the Washington Post. [Click on picture for larger image.] By Peter McDermott Best-selling crime writer Michael Connelly has been treated well by Hollywood over […]

  • Lisa O’Neill: same cloth or not

    Same Cloth Or Not by Lisa O'Neill 11/01/14 – New York, NY – Irish Arts Center 11/03/14 – New York, NY – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 11/05/14 – Philadelphia, PA – The Tin Angel 11/07/14 – Chicago, IL – Hideout

  • “The firefighter – from Boyle to Brooklyn and beyond”

    by Áine Ní Shionnaigh Growing up in a small town of less than 2000 in the West of Ireland, my exposure to emergency services was limited.  However, the house I grew up in was located directly across from the local firehouse, or as we called it in Ireland, the fire station.  A few times a week, an […]

  • Forgotten hero

    “Double Agent” author Peter Duffy. PHOTO BY RAN GRAFF Article published in the Oct. 8, 2014, issue of the Irish Echo [Click on images for larger view]. By Peter McDermott pmcdermott@irishecho.com When the “SS Washington” docked at Pier 59 in New York on Feb. 8, 1940, the representatives of the press were waiting, as was […]

  • O’Shea is hero as Irish snatch draw

    John O’Shea celebrates equalizing for Ireland against Germany. INPHO/DONALL FARMER By Irish Echo Staff The Republic of Ireland pulled out a remarkable 1-1 draw against Germany Tuesday night to take away a point from their European Championship Group D qualifying game in Gelsenkirchen. Defender John O’Shea, playing in his 100th cap, got his foot to […]

  • Mayor Marty Walsh of Boston rolls out red carpet for Golden Bridges

        As the Golden Bridges conference gets underway in Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh has extended a hearty céad míle fáilte to delegates arriving from northwest Ireland and Belfast to forge new  partnerships with leaders of Irish America. In a statement welcoming the sixth annual conference to Boston, he said: “I am thrilled to welcome […]

  • Sisters speaking truth to power

    Documentary Review / By Peter McDermott  Filmmaker Mary Fishman with JoAnn Persch RSM, center, and Pat Murphy RSM. [Click on photos for larger image.] PHOTO: CHRISTIAN MOLIDOR RSM Margaret Brennan remembers back in the 1950s that her mother and father drove her down on her first day as a novice with the Immaculate Heart of […]

  • Music that’s Irish, live and free

    Music Notes / By Colleen Taylor The Screaming Orphans Interested in free Irish music? If so, you’re in luck this autumn. Throughout September and October, Smithwick’s Ale sponsors a number of free Irish music performances throughout North America featuring some of Ireland and Irish-America’s best acts. New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia will […]

  • Irish Center is jewel in Maine crown

             By Matthew Jude Barker letters@irishecho.com If you meander your way down historic State Street approaching Portland’s working waterfront, you will come across a beautiful old, redbrick church building, now the Maine Irish Heritage Center. On Monday nights you can hear the haunting wails of a practicing Irish bagpiper. It would be […]

  • Answering the WWI call of battle

    Between the Lines / By Peter McDermott Published in the Irish Echo, Sept. 3, 2014 A granduncle of mine, a Reynolds from Strokestown, Co. Roscommon, volunteered to fight in the Great War. He subsequently spent much of his life institutionalized, in what might have been referred as a lunatic asylum. My great-grandmother from West Clare […]

  • Sweet memories of Forest Hills in ’64

    The Beatles in 1964. [LIBRARY OF CONGRESS] A remembrance by Frances Scanlon, published in the Irish Echo, Aug. 27, 2014 Aug. 29:  just another date in time; maybe, maybe not. A quick glance at any “This Day in History” listing for Aug. 29, 1964 will invariably note the presence of the Beatles on tour in […]

  • Cultural center to build in historic area

    Published in the Aug. 20, 2014, issue of the Irish Echo The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company’s HQ in Rondout (click on image for larger view).   By Peter McDermott pmcdermott@irishecho.com “It’s on almost hallowed ground,” so said writer Ed McCann. “The laborers walked up the hill there to get their wages.” He was referring […]

  • Irish gay group vows to continue campaign

    By Ray O’Hanlon rohanlon@irishecho.com The announcement that a gay marching group comprised of NBC employees will be allowed to march in the 2015 New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been welcomed by the Irish gay group Irish Queers. But only to a degree. The group, which has mounted a protest on Fifth Avenue during […]

  • Dolan to lead, gays to march

        Cardinal Timothy Dolan By Ray O’Hanlon letters@irishecho.com Cardinal Timothy Dolan will lead the 2015 New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade and for the first time since 1991 the parade will include a gay marching contingent, though this time with the approval of the parade organizing committee. In a statement released in advance of Cardinal […]

  • At Last, An Oscar for Maureen

            By Ray O’Hanlon rohanlon@irishecho.com It’s the news that her legions of fans around the world have been waiting for. Actress Maureen O’Hara is to be recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a life time achievement Oscar. Admirers of the Dublin-born O’Hara, who is currently living in […]

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